• Bullseye A and B Indicator

    • Divergence & Hidden Divergence Heads-Up-Display (Money Printer!)
    • Works great with FOREX, Bitcoin, Ethereum, HEX, Tesla, Amazon, Boeing, every cryptocurrency, every commodity, and every stock
    • Bullseye A + B will call every top and bottom and warn you of price traps using various symbols that appear on the charts
    • This pair of indicators caters to all styles of trading while interpreting all of the data for you.  For both the expert and the newbie.
    • Bullseye. No guesswork. No learning curve.
      Our signals tell you what your next profitable move is.

    A and B Indicator Package – More Advanced than Market Cipher Indicator



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    After receiving many many requests to make an indicator package that rivals Market Cipher.  We decided to make an indicator package that’s even more advanced and more affordable too!  Take this indicator for a free spin and see if you agree.

    We’ve improved on Market Cipher. Also, we have included a Divergence Heads Up Display.  Not only do we show where the divergences are in order to immensely help your planning and trading, we also show you where the HIDDEN DIVERGENCES are!  All easy to see and interpret.  Our A and B Indicator Package is better than Market Cipher for trading all of your favorites like:




    All other cryptos (that have a trading history on an exchange)






    All other stocks




    All other FOREX

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    See our BullseyeIndicators Divergence-HUD…  This is INCLUDED with the A and B Indicator Package!

    The “R” stands for REAL Divergence.  The “H” represents HIDDEN Divergence.  The color RED indicates BEARISH and the color GREEN indicates BULLISH.  So, a red “R” would mean that there is a REAL BEARISH DIVERGENCE at the indicated point. Also, a green “H” would mean that there is a HIDDEN BULLISH DIVERGENCE at the indicated point.  Our divergence Heads Up Display is simple and effective.  This is a money printer! Don’t fly blind, use your instruments!

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    If “H” indications are not showing up for you on your Indicator B, go into settings on the indicators and make sure that all the boxes are checked for showing Divergences…


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